Oftentimes we tend to think of the Victorian Era in terms of the Art, Music, Fashions, and so on, of the times. In a way this is but a Fantasy. Western Civilisation was still a struggle for survival, or perhaps supremacy. Attendant on these times was appalling poverty, ignorance, disease. And Warfare on an unimaginable scale.
Think of the American Civil War for sheer size; the Crimean War for stupidity, incompetence, and disease; The Nile War and Zulu War for ignorance, and the Boer War for arrogance.
I'll attempt to bring these conflicts, and perhaps others to these pages. War in this time was still draped in Glory - a Glory that would not really die until it met the trenches of World War One.
This Era also saw the first Concentration Camps - set up by the British under the orders of Kitchener as a way of destroying the will of the Boers to resist.
And the Wars brought us "The Lady of The Lamp", Florence Nightingale, as well.