Head of a Nymph by Sophie Anderson

This section of Benning's Victorian Age is dedicated
to the fine Ladies at the "Era Gone By",
and, as ever, to the True Love of My Life, Karen.

The Victorian Era is well known for its Artists Composers and Writers.
However, aside from a few Poets and Writers, Women are somewhat missing.
And yet they weren't missing at all!
They were part of the Artistic Movement known as the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, among others.
Women played an important part in the Cultural milieu of the times.
In all Eras history has tended to focus on the Men and ignore the Women.
Lets try to change that a bit shall we?

On the following pages Ill put together a modest Gallery of the works of Feminine Artists.
Should I find Music files I can use, Ill also put together a section for Women Composers of the time.
I could use your help in that Dear Reader.

So! Let's dilly-dally no more!
On to the

Good News Ive found some Lady Composers So on to the

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just for this page at my request
I am at your service Madam

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