"Birdsong" by Sophie Anderson


A Dedication Page is a somewhat difficult thing - what, precisely does one write? One could, for example describe the marvelous friendship one has attained within the cozy confines of the "Era Gone By" Web Ring; one could describe the Artistic or perhaps Poetic flair shown by the Members therein; one could even simply describe the wondrous Graphics and Music to be found within these profuse pages. And one would still not tap the depths of what this "Ring of Friends" has to offer.

When first invited to join the "Ring" I accepted thinking only of having more visitors to my Site. However within a very short time I found that there is a core of friendly Victorians here, eager to welcome the newcomer. Thus I found not only a Tool for promoting my Victorian Interests, but a group of Friends - interested not only in those things Victorian, but interested in the individual behind each member web site.

This is a prayerful group - and has needed to be so recently. It is also a most talented assemblage of Ladies, and a few Gentlemen, of varying background and experiences, gathered together in appreciation of things Victoriana. I consider myself Blessed to have been included, and to come to know these fine people.

We celebrate the Beauty of the Victorian Age. We understand that there was much about the times that we would not wish repeated, or to emulate. However we choose to concentrate on the positive aspects such as Etiquette, Art, Music, Cuisine, Fashion, and Literature. We think that a world, which emulates those positive things, a world which never truly existed then, but exists now in our minds and hearts, could do far worse. And so it is to Our Founders, Liz & Irma, and to all you Gentle Members, Dear Friends, and of course, to those refined times, that this Page is Dedicated.

May GOD richly Bless all your endeavours.

Jeffrey M. Keenan (benning)
10 March 2001